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Attendee Tracking Application

Good quality RFID CARD for sales
Good quality RFID CARD for sales
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Attendee Tracking Application
Attendee Tracking Application

   Tracking attendee’s movements during a tradeshow or event is probably the most frequently used application in the attendee tracking realm, but not the only application using RFID. Companies like Global Registration Solutions are using attendee tracking (mentioned in this playbook) to provide accurate CEU or Continued Education Units.
   Most licensed professionals such as nurses, teachers, social workers, and many others require CEUs in order to maintain a professional license. This makes CEU’s critical to a professional’s job. Usually, CEU’s are recorded manually at each individual event and then hand keyed into a database or program.
   In order to automate some of the work associated with these events, an RFID system can be setup at each event to read individual employee badges and keep record of the read. An RFID reader and antennas at each entrance and exit of the lecture or event will provide the event organizers with accurate records of which professionals attended the different events.
   Not only does RFID help at the event to reduce staff needed to count and register each individual, but after the event with the help of software, the reads can be transferred to a database eliminating manual keying errors and reducing work post-event.
   CEUs can be difficult to manage depending on the amount of events per year as well as the number of professionals that attend. Also, fraud is also a common problem with CEUs, which complicates management even further. Whether it is a professional using another’s badge for double credit, or a professional using another’s badge to get into sessions they have not paid or registered to take, RFID can help mitigate this issue. In addition to the RFID hardware, software can be installed that only allows an attendee to enter once and can deny attendees access if a second entrance is tested. Other information can also be encoded on each badge for authentication purposes.
   The amount of RFID hardware needed for CEU attendee tracking would depend on the number of entrances and exits at the event facilities. For example if the event venue had multiple entrances and exits, additional hardware would be necessary at each entry point. Alternatively, the doors can be blocked to restrict access. Larger venues and larger events will need several entrances and exits tracked in order to accommodate for the amount of people being tracked.
   To learn more about attendee tracking, read our article. You Need RFID Attendee Tracking, and download our Attendee Tracking Playbook below. As always, contact us for additional information.


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